Food Culture

At S43 we’ve embraced the urban feel of our environment and used it as inspiration for our décor and menu.

Tapas and street food from around the world, as well as gourmet burgers with some crazy twists are on offer. We use a mixture of chuck and rump in our beef burgers and our buns are enriched with butter and eggs for moreishness.

Craft Culture

S43 is the proud home of lekker local urban brewery, That Brewing Company. The proudly local special suds are brewed on-site and served on tap and in the bottle.

Situated at the back of the restaurant, and available for tours, TBC nurtures a range of happy hoppy nectars such as That Blonde Ale, That Black Stout, That American Pale Ale, That Red Irish Cream Ale, That Good Adweiss and more!

Station Drive

We are located on Station Drive which is the original site for one of Durban’s oldest train stations.

This former industrial and clothing district has recently undergone the transformation into Durban’s trendy and thriving design precinct.

Industrial Chic

The concept for the interior of was to reflect the unique character of our city, Durban – industrial, somewhat raw, but vibrant and beautiful too.

This is expressed in the elements of exposed metal, concrete and brick softened by abundant lighting, wood, colour and plants.

Street art adds to the urban flavour with the works given sophistication and brought indoors by breaking them up into tiles.