Finding Conan

So what or who is Conan?

There has been this craze of hazy, juicy, fruity, smooth IPAs coming from New England, USA, that have hit the craft beer drinker’s palate and its left its mark. But what makes this New England IPA unique, why are people so captivated by a cloudy IPA? Is there something behind the cloudiness of this boldly hopped fruit salad of a beer? In our “Finding Conan” series we are hoping to discover a yeast strain that accentuates these noticeable characteristics and proves to be the power house that Conan is.

Without yeast, there is no beer. It’s one of the four essential ingredients and most magical. It has the power to make alcohol, poop carbon dioxide and get brewers, bloggers and craft beer drinkers naming it things like Conan.

The internet is full of brewers blogs questing where the strain originated from, do the brewers noted for their NEIPAs even still use Conan, how to propagate it from a can of your favourite release.

We will be taking a handful of “suspects” and brewing the same recipe each time with the only, ever so obvious, difference being the strain of yeast. Then it is over to you to decide which one is best. Who knows, maybe will brew it again.

Launch Dates

“East Coast Ale” Pre-launch
1 November 2018 – S43 Home to That Brewing Company

“East Coast Ale” Bottle launch
9 November 18 – Select bottle stores around Durban

“London Fog Ale” Bottle launch
7 December 2018 - Select bottle stores around Durban

“Burlington Ale” Pre-launch
22/23 Feb 2019 – Clarens Craft Beer Festival 2019

“Burlington Ale” Bottle launch
1 March 2019 – Select bottle stores around Durban